About us

Do you experience people asking you to bring back items for them while you are travelling? Have you thought that by helping others to buy product, you also can earn money? We are the travel lover and are inspired by this idea and that is why this platform was created and called as 'Traven'

Traven = Travel + Earn

In Traven, we create a platform for traveller to buy item for requestors who can post products at our website. They can negotiate the buying price till both parties are satisfied.

Traven are committed to make shopping more convenient and straightforward by linking both traveller and requestor altogether in this platform. We aim to create more value that to help requestor(buyer) to get their favourite items that more easier and save international shipping cost while traveller (seller) can earn tip money.

Let's browse through our website now to post the request to start journey. Let's Traven la!