For General

What is Traven and how to shop in this platform?

Traven is the peer-to-peer market place that provide shopping service without border to everyone and traveller can earn tips money by helping others to buy products from their trip.
Requestor can start shopping by creating a post to describe what item you wish to buy. Alternately, you may browse to the 'country' or 'category' to see what other requestors are requesting to inspire your idea. If you got something to buy, just click the 'I want this too' to copy the request and fill in required information before posting.

What is Requestor?

Any member who post a request of products, or any member who click 'I want this too' to copy request and wish to buy items from.

What is Traveller?

Any member who create a trip, or any member who create post product to carry a product upon making deal with a requestor, OR to help to purchase overseas products which they are going to shop for.

What is the benefit to become requestor to buy items from Traven?
  1. Grab limited item from overseas that can't find it locally
  2. Save internationally shipping cost
  3. Payment is safe, Traven collect all payments and make sure you have received items before reimburse to traveller
  4. Price is compatible. You almost get the cheapest from outlet.
What can I buy on Traven?

You can buy anything from the world. If you do not have any idea what you would like to buy, just browse websites to see what others are requesting to inspire your idea. However, do take note that there are some prohibited items are not allowed to be dealt on Traven. Prohibited items include on below:

  1. Controls medicine, chemical and any other items that are under control by government
  2. Any weapon, firecracks, fireworks, cigarette, tobacco, lighters, arms, explosive substance and etc
  3. Any drug, control medicine, psychotropic substances and etc
  4. Any live animal
  5. Certain food product that are controlled by government
  6. Any other items that are defined as illegal product and controlled by government.