Posting Product

What are 'Post Product'?

Post products are traveller to initiate purchase. Unlike post requests which are initiated by requestors, traveller can use 'post product' to offer to help to purchase overseas products which they are going to shop for and are able in fulfilling. Travellers mention their offer price for helping to buy and those requestors who keen can make their order with the traveller directly.

'Post product' will be "live" for a certain limited time period, requestor can place order within the given period. Once the status to change to 'closed', travellers can then compiling order and go on their shopping travel.

Who can initiate 'Post Product'?

Any users from Traven and have successfully registered under platform.

How to initiate 'Post Product'?

Step 1: Click "Post Product" on the right top of Webpage, Fill in those required information such as personal information.

Step 2: Entering all the details description of products that you wish purchase from overseas.

Step 3: Submitted your ' Post Product' and your 'post' will be go live at 10 days at most.

Step 4: Once the status of your 'Post Product' is closed, you may start travelling and enjoy shopping.

Step 5: You are required to dispatch items within 7 days from your estimated dispatched date. You will need to click on the 'Confirm Dispatch' once you have handed item to your logistic partner for delivery, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

Step 6: Get your paid! Normally requestor will receive their parcel within 3 days from delivery. Payments will be released within 7 days if there is no action from the requestor within 7 days from the dispatched date

Who will be responsible for delivery?

For any items to be sold or transaction under 'Post Product', travellers are responsible to delivery parcel by engaging their courier service provider. Therefore, travellers are strongly advised to reasonably make up their selling price to cover the delivery fee.

What is the incurring fee for 'Post Product'?

For Traveller

Service fee: 7% as per transaction

The charged service fee will be based on the total value of each order(single transaction) by requestors, regardless of the number of items purchased or the individual prices of each item

For Requestor

Service flat price: RM3

Delivery Flat Price: RM10

Remark: We will subsidy RM 7(per transaction) of delivery fee and reimburse to traveller with payment.

How and when will I get paid?

Payment which have been released by your requesters in weekly disbursements through by bank transfer. Normally disbursement are paid on every Tuesday or the next working days if it falls on public holiday. The funds should be transferred into your bank account within 7 working days from this disbursement date.

Things to note before initiate 'Post Product'?
  1. Are you able to commit yourself to make purchase successfully after placing order by requestors? They will leave you a negative comments if you fail to bring back their items without reasonable reasons.
  2. Are these items under prohibited list? Please check the F&Q under general F&Q
  3. Are you covered by insurance?The loss or damaged of purchased items on your way back will not be covered by TRAVEN or your requestor.