Posting Request

A. For requestor

What is 'post request'

Requestor can click 'post request' to post the item she/he would like to buy and awaiting offer from traveller.

How to post a request?

Step 1: To fill in the item name you request

Step 2: Fill in item description

Step 3: Fill in Country and category

Step 4: Fill in the quantity you wish to buy

Step 5: Upload product image

Step 6: Choose the delivery option, estimate what is the weight of your required product

Step 7: Fill in 'price you are willing to pay'

Lastly ,click on 'submit' button once all required fields are filled up and your request will be categories in the corresponding country's listing.

If any details were key in wrongly, you are required to delate the wrong post and create a new ones.

How much does Traven charge to requestor?

For any products under 'Post request', Traven charges RM 3 for servicing fee to keep our platform working.

We also charge delivery fee based on the weight of item:

  1. Up to 3kg,RM10
  2. Up to 5kg,RM12
  3. UP to 10kg,RM20
How do I make payment to traveller and how to ensure payment is safe?

When requester accept offer from traveller, requester has to make payment via by Traven platform. All payments are held securely by Traven in escrow.

When requestor has clicked 'item receive' button, payment will only be released to travellers.

In addition, payment will also automatically be released to travellers if requestor does not acknowledge us in 7days after traveller has delivery item by courier service.

How do I contact with traveller?

Before placing deposit, you can communicate with traveller through public comment area. After placing deposit and confirm order, a private messaging function will be allowed to use to communicate with traveller.

Does Traven provide product warranty and quality?

Nope, Traven does not provide any warrant and guarantee to product quality. For any issue regarding to the product, you will have to contact manufacturer. Please refer to the tile of 'tips from preventing dispute' to know more on how to avoid dispute.

How much should I pay to traveller?

Your 'willing to pay price' should cover tips to the travellers on top of the item's cost. There is no restriction to the amount of tips you pay, as long as the agreed price between both travellers and requestors are based on mutual agreement. Normally the more amount of the 'willing to pay' price, the higher chance you will get offer to help from traveller who are willing to help. If you are not sure of the willing to pay price, you may setup a temporary price and negotiate with travellers later on.

Can I edit my request after placing deposit?

Nope, after placing deposit, you can't request for any changed and cancel the purchase unless traveller agrees with changes

How do I collect my items from traveller?

We will provide courier service to delivery your item from traveller. Kindly note that all courier service provider are carried out by Traven's logistic partners.

Can I collect my item from traveller directly?

Traven does not encourage to any meet up in person with traveller for security purpose.

B. For Travellers

How to earn money by helping requestor to buy item?

The amount you earn is the difference between requestor's “willing to pay” price and the cost of item you buy.

How to fulfil a request?

Step 1: Just browse the post and click on 'offer to help' button.

Step 2: Fill in the required field. This includes 'offer price', 'return date to Malaysia', 'offer expiry days'. Kindly note that your offer can be made at the requestor's “willing to pay” price, or a counter-offer can also be made at a higher/lower price. You may choose between an offer expiry period of 1, 3 or 5 days. Furthermore, you are required to fill up the 'return date to Malaysia' so requestor will know when you will be returning to prevent any urgent requests from requester. If there is not action is taken by requestor within the offer expiry period, the offer will lapse.

Step 3: After submitting an offer, requestor must accept or decline offer within offer expiry period. Traveller are h5.bold-textly suggested not to purchase item until the deposit has been made.

Step 4: Once offer is accepted, you will be notified that the deposit has been made. The private messaging function will be activated for direct communication between requestor and traveller. Once you have purchased the item, please click on 'confirm purchase' to notify requestor. Kindly note that if there is no response or delivery by traveller after 7 days of return date, requester may request for the transaction to be cancelled and hence result in full refund.

Step 5: When traveller back to Malaysia, Traven will arrange courier service to pick up items. Traven will prepare a consignment note and forward to your email. You need to print out consignment note from email. The courier delivery will be personally pick up item based on given shipping address.

Step 6: Payment will be released after requestor acknowledges that she/he confirmed that item has been received with good condition. If there is not acknowledged by requestor within 7 days of delivery, Traven will released payment on behalf of the requestor to prevent traveller from waiting too long for their reimbursement.

When and how will I get paid?

Payments will be released by your requestor and paid in weekly disbursements via bank transfer. You will receive a disbursement email from Traven and funds will be transferred into your bank account within 7 working days of disbursement date. 7% of 'willing to pay' price will be deducted upon on disbursement.

Kindly note that dispute cased might be raised by your requestor before payment is released. This will automatically hold the payment with Traven beyond 7-day grace period until payment is manually released by requestor or Traven.

Request to change price after deposit is made?

Travellers are not able to edit or change price after deposit is made.

Which part will be responsible for delivery?

For any products under 'Post request', Traven will arrange courier service to pick up items after traveller back to country. Traven will prepare a consignment note and forward to your email. You need to print out consignment note from email and paste to the wrapped parcel. The courier delivery will be personally pick up item based on given shipping address.

Can requestor ship parcel to my overseas address or collect on behalf?

Traven does not allow travellers to collect parcel/items from anywhere on behalf of requestor. Travellers are required to make the purchase by themselves and take care of their own safety.

Can requestor cancel the request?

Requestors are not allowed to cancel requests after deposit is made in order to protect travellers from last minutes cancellations. However, travellers may cancel if the status of request is still 'offerred' or 'accepted'. Once purchased in confirmed, both traveller and requestor are not able to cancel the transaction.

In the condition that if requestor wishes to cancel transaction after payment is made, traveller can do so if both party are agree on it.

Any cancellation issue please contact with Traven

Any penalty if I want to cancel requested?

You may experience a drop of your performance review which is visible to all requestor if you choose to cancel request after deposit is made and it will affect your credibility as a traveller.

Declaration of goods

Travellers are reminded to declare all purchased items and goods and to pay the relevant taxes(duty or/and GST) at the customs Tax payment office located at the respective checkpoints upon arrival in Malaysia.

How much traveller will be charged by Traven?

Traven will charge of 7% per transaction to travellers as processing fees and deduct upon release payments.

How do I get paid?

Payment will be released by requestor when they confirmed that they have received items in a good condition or 7 days of delivery date.

The reimbursement will be directly made into traveller's bank account.