Refund and Delivery Policy

If the request made by Requester are not fulfilled by Traveller, TRAVEN will 100% refund the paid amount to Requester.

Shipping/ Fulfillment Policy

Traveller or TRAVEN will deliver the goods to Requester within 7 days upon return date of respective TRAVEN by using appointed courier company.

For any product or transaction from 'Post Request' section, Traven will arrange courier service to pick up items after traveller back to country. Traveller will need to wrap parcel by themselves and Traven will prepare a consignment note and forward to your email. You will need to print out consignment note from email and paste on the parcel. The courier delivery will be personally pick up item based on given shipping address.

For any product or transaction from 'Post Product' section, travelers are required to delivery their parcel by themselves.