Refund and Disputes

How Traven resolve dispute?

Disputed who raised by requestors have to provide as much context and evidence as possible. Traven will make judgement based on the given evidence and supporting documents.

Can I cancel my order?

Requestors are not allowed to cancel order after payment is made. However, travellers may still cancel the request if items cannot be found, or out of stock. This is to ensure that travellers may proceed purchase without fear of requestors backing out at last minute or after the items have been bought. If travellers not yet to purchase this item, you may communicate with travellers through private messaging function whether traveller is agreeable to a cancellation.

Traven will not allow any cancellation on transaction without getting acknowledgement from traveller unless travellers fails to deliver item in 7 days after return back to country or lost contact.

Any cancellation issue please kindly contact with Traven. We will handle it case-by case basic.

In what condition that requestor can get 100% fully refund?
  1. Traveller has lost contact and never deliver items to requestor after 7 days traveller returning back to country.
  2. Traveller has cancelled the transaction.
  3. Received wrong item (Condition Applied)
  4. Received damaged item (Condition Applied)
  5. Received counterfeit item (Condition Applied)

The speed of refund is much depending on the respectively bank. If you still no receive the refund for long period and feel any suspicious, please contact Traven hotline service.

How if traveller do not respond to me?

If traveller is not responding to your message, you may look for Traven for assistance, we will attempt to reach on traveller on behalf of you.

Please allow traveller 48 hours for responding if she/he is at oversea or other region that may be subjected to limited coverage by mobile data or Wi-Fi.

If there is still lost contact from traveller in 7 days of their returning date, please inform Traven and we will proceed cancellation on transaction and fully refund from the 8th day onwards

Traveller bought the wrong items

In the condition when traveller bought the wrong items, requestor reserves the right to reject item. Traven will cancel the transaction accordingly and deposit will be fully refund to requestor. The wrong item will be returned back to traveller without any monetary reimbursement.

In order to avoid this mistake from happening, please wisely utilize the private chat messaging function to communicate with traveller. In addition, requestor are advised to upload more additional photos of item and have more clear description in chat or comments section.

How if I received a damaged item?

Courier delivery

Any disputes related to damaged item have to be raised up by requestor within 7 days of delivery by traveller. Traven will release payment to travellers after 7 days of delivery. Once the payment is released, Traven will not be able to assist in any dispute.

If there is damaged item reported by requestors, traveller has to provide evidence to show that this damaged items are not caused by them. Otherwise, traveller has to bear this responsibility and will proceed fully refund to requestor. Therefore, traveller is highly encouraged to take photos of items before delivery by courier

How if I receive a counterfeit item?

Any authenticity claims that have to be raised up by requestor within 7 days of delivery by traveller. Traven will release payment to travellers after 7 days of delivery. Once the payment is released, Traven will not be able to assist in any dispute case. Traven does not possess the expertise in ascertaining the authenticity of products, the onus is on the requestor to seek the assessment of a qualified third party(E.g authorized dealer)

Requestors should provide sufficient evidence to prove that the items purchased by traveller is exactly not authentic or otherwise Traven is not able to assist to proceed fully refund. If item is proved with strong evidence that item is not authentic, fully refund will be proceed and items will be subsequently returned to the traveller. Therefore, travellers are highly recommended to keep the copy or take photos of original receipt as the proof of authenticity of purchased items. Similarity, requestors are highly suggested to ask for original receipt from travellers for manufacturer warranty.

How if I received a spoilt requested food?

Upon on posting a request, requestor should write a note with description for perishable food with special handling, but so on their own risk. Traven will not compensate and refund to requestors in the event that those food become unfit for consumption.

The term of 'perishable food' refers any food that may spoil and rotten that become unfit for human consumption due to its nature, type or physical condition.

Traven reserves the right in exercising its discretion in determining the classification of such products.

For any other dispute?

Kindly email us [email protected] with your Traven username, order number, contact number and content of dispute. Each dispute will be handling on case by case basic.

Please be informed that all communication is carried out on Traven's platform. Traven is not able to assist the case if communication outside of Traven's platform

For items which not acknowledged within 7 days of deliver of delivery, payment will be released to traveller. After 7 days of delivery date, Traven is not able to assist any case that disputes are raised by requestor.

Tips from preventing dispute

For requestors

  1. Requestors are encouraged to ask for original receipt( if any) especially those branded product.
  2. Requestors should take noted on receiving date after delivery by traveller. Kindly bear with mind that payment is released to traveller after 7 days of delivery when there is not any complaint, acknowledge and dispute raised by requestors.
  3. Requestors are encouraged to take photo immediately after receiving your item and out of packaging.
  4. Close communication with traveller after private messaging function is allowed to use.

For traveller

  1. Travellers are encouraged to keep a copy of receipt and take a photos of item before courier delivery.
  2. Travellers are encouraged to start packing and delivery item immediately after returning back to country.
  3. Travellers are advised to upload a slip of delivery order & tracking number to system after delivery
  4. Travellers are advised to stay close communication with requestor and Traven. Keep in contact.

With those above suggest precaution, this will help to prevent and significantly reduce the dispute cases.